SONG OF THE WEEK: Scott & Charlene’s Wedding | Footscray Station

* Every week we’ll be posting our favourite song of the week. This won’t necessarily be a new release but rather a song we’ve heard that has stuck in our head and refused to leave. Hopefully you’ll like it too and check out more of the artist’s music on the links we’ll include.

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding | Footscray Station

Adelaide native Craig Dermody formed Scott & Charlene’s Wedding in Melbourne with a bunch of musicians from other relatively known bands – guitarist Luke Horton (Love of Diagrams), bassist Jarrod Quarrel (St Helens, Lost Animal) and drummer Dion Nania (Panel of Judges) and released the limited run LP (200 copies) Para Vista Social Club in 2010. Now thanks to the likes of Bandcamp and streaming services like Rdio you can revel in the ramshackle psych pop of the album and in particular the brilliant ‘single’ Footscray Station. The song has that wasted, listless feel of a lazy afternoon. It sounds like The Clean and Dick Diver jamming an antipodean cover of the Velvet Underground. The guitar riff is a wonderful counter melody to Craig’s melancholic yet assertive vocal and sonically it has just the right amount of grit and fuzz to give it a cool earthy feel. If you like this then there are another nine equally awesome tracks on the album that you can check out at the Bandcamp link below.

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