NEWS: Shihad announce NZ greatest hits tour…

Shihad are hitting the road for their upteenth NZ tour, this time in support of their recently released collection The Meanest. The band will play 2 sets, the first at the front of the stage, tight and intimate to represent their early club gigs before shifting to a full stage rock show in honour of what they have achieved as one of the biggest rock bands in this part of the world…

The Meanest is out now…

1. Home Again
2. The General Electric
3. You Again
4. La La Land
5. Pacifier
6. Stations
7. Rule the World
8. Dark Times
9. Ignite
10. I Only Said
11. Sleepeater
12. Beautiful Machine
13. Interconnector
14. A Day Away
15. Sport and Religion
16. Bullitproof
17. Alive
18. Factory
19. It

1. Run
2. My Minds Sedate
3. Bitter
4. Comfort Me
5. Ghost from the past
6. Thin White Line
7. One will hear the other
8. Wait and see
9. Everything
10. Engage
11. Debs night out
12. Yr Head is a Rock
13. Saddest song in the world
14. Lead or follow
15. Gimme Gimme
16. All the young Fascists
17. Screwtop
18. Derail

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