NEWS + MP3: Boris to release 3 new albums…

Hot on the heels of their BXI collaboration with Ian Astbury, Japan’s brilliant Boris are set to release two albums on the same day – April 26th. Sargent House is a new label for Boris and they have the honour of releasing the new albums Heavy Rocks and Attention Please. They are also set to release a third New Album in Japan only which will feature new songs plus new versions of a couple of tracks on Attention Please.

Don’t get confused with the band’s 2002 album Heavy Rocks, this is an entirely new record which apparently they’ve used the same title as it “seeks to redefine ‘heavy’ music in a culmination of the band’s tireless efforts over the past two decades”.

Attention Please, will feature guitarist Wata on vocals throughout – a first for her as she has previously only sung here and there on album tracks. Grab an MP3 of one of the tracks – the string soaked and urgent Hope below…


Heavy Rocks:

01 Riot Sugar
02 8
04 Jackson Head
05 Missing Pieces
06 Key
07 Window Shopping
08 Tu, la la
09 Aileron
10 Czechoslovakia

Attention Please:

01 Attention Please
02 Hope
03 Party Boy
04 See You Next Week
05 Tokyo Wonder Land
06 16:47:52…
07 Aileron
08 Les Paul Custom ‘86
09 Spoon
10 Hand in Hand

New Album

Boris - New Album
1. Party Boy
2. Hope-Hope
3. Flare
4. Black Original
5. Pardon?
6. Spoon
7. Head Jackson
8. Guitar dark
9. Tu, la la
10. Looprider
11. (Event information), yet few other songs


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