NEW MUSIC: Eleanor Friedberger | Stare at the Sun


Eleanor Friedberger’s debut solo album Last Summer was a fantastic collection of quirky songs that showed she can easily step out of the shadow of Fiery Furnaces and command a stage and a full album with her own songs. The good news is that is set to continue with her new album Personal Record, due out via Merge on June 4th.

After the tracklisting you can check out the first song to come from the new album, Stare at the Sun.

01 I Don’t Want to Bother You
02 When I Knew
03 I’ll Never Be Happy Again
04 Stare at the Sun
05 Echo or Encore
06 My Own World
07 Tomorrow Tomorrow
08 You’ll Never Know Me
09 I Am the Past
10 She’s a Mirror
11 Other Boys
12 Singing Time

NEWS: Fiery Furnace Eleanor to release solo album…

Great news that Eleanor Friedberger from Fiery Furnaces is due to release her debut solo album Last Summer this July. I spoke to her a couple of years ago around the time of their last full length I’m Going Away and she told me:

I think before I die I will make a solo record it is safe to say.

The album is out July 17th via Merge who are throwing around references to Sparks, Donovan, Procol Harum, Kath Bloom, Lô Borges and Todd Rundgren. Sounds like it will be an eclectic mix.