SONIC KICKS: Bryan Estepa

Sydney songwriter Bryan Estepa has released a bunch of albums that just get better and better, culminating in this year’s brilliant Heart Vs Mind (review) which bursts with glorious harmonies built on classic power pop and slight detours into americana and yacht rock. It shows a musician who isn’t afraid to play to his strengths and channel all the musical influences that have to date … Continue reading SONIC KICKS: Bryan Estepa

SONIC KICKS | Matt Purcell & The Blessed Curse

Matt Purcell has released a couple of great records with his band The Blessed Curse, the most recent being this year’s excellent Mathew Street that found him incorporating folk and power pop influences into his sound. Acoustic guitar and violin are prominent throughout but it is Purcell’s songwriting that really shines through with a plethora of gloriously catchy melodies tumbling forth from his songs and … Continue reading SONIC KICKS | Matt Purcell & The Blessed Curse