SONIC KICKS | Matt Purcell & The Blessed Curse

Matt Purcell has released a couple of great records with his band The Blessed Curse, the most recent being this year’s excellent Mathew Street that found him incorporating folk and power pop influences into his sound. Acoustic guitar and violin are prominent throughout but it is Purcell’s songwriting that really shines through with a plethora of gloriously catchy melodies tumbling forth from his songs and conjuring comparisons to Big Star, Wilco, The Kinks and 78 Saab.

As well as purchasing via the iTunes link above, you can also listen to and download a couple of tracks over at Triple J Unearthed.

As part of our Sonic Kicks series we asked Purcell to divulge some of the albums that shaped his musical life.

The first album I bought…

Bon Jovi | Slippery When Wet. I also went to see them at the Entertainment Centre for their tour. My Mum gave me the day off school to go to Westfield’s Liverpool to line up for a ticket. I was 11, so I was lucky to have a cool mum. It was probably also the album that gave me the idea of playing guitar. The Rolling Stones | Start Me Up (12”) was my first actual purchase when I was 6.

The album that soundtracked a relationship…

Big Star | Album #1 – My fiancee and I both really got into Big Star’s first album when we moved in together and we got a vinyl copy of it. I had been introduced to them before but it wasn’t until I got the album that I got it. Someone said we reminded them of Big Star, probably via Teenage Fanclub though.

The album that inspired me to form a band…

Ratcat | Tingles EP  Rickenbacker guitars, Hofner guitars, black jeans, all that stuff. The first band we formed at school for the school fete was called Car Crash after their song.

The album that reminds me of my high school years…

Ride | Going Blank Again –  This was a favourite. I saw them at The Enmore & Phoenician Club. Also The Clouds | Penny Century was a great album, and a local favorite. I was going to see them live as much as I could during high school, it was the first underage fake ID that I needed.

The album I’d love to hear live and played in full…

Van Morrison | Astral Weeks – That would be special. Seeing Van Morrison would be awesome, no matter what he played I’m sure, but you’d have to be a hardcore Van Morrison fan to say that you knew all the songs he’d play live, it sure isn’t a ‘best of Van Morrison’ show from what I’ve seen online.

My favorite album cover art…

The Beatles | Abbey Road – If I was going too have an enlarged album cover framed and hung on my wall, I would probably want a Beatles album, and though there are a couple I really like I must say that I have an emotional connection with Abbey Road – the record and the place. So today I’ll say the last recorded Beatles album but tomorrow it will probably be something different again.

My guilty pleasure album…

Cold Chisel | East. I grew up on Chisel, we used to sing along to them in the car all the time. It’s an album that really gets me going.

An album I loved but now have no idea why I bought it…

Maybe Dire Straits | Brothers in Arms. That’s a hard one, If I’d have loved it I would still have a place in my collection for it. I do still have this record, but I don’t put in on.

The last album I bought…

Glen Hansard | Rhythm and Repose – It’s really great when you have high expectations for an album and it delivers because so many times you are disappointed. I’m looking forward to seeing him live sometime soon hopefully.

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