I’m loving the sound of this new single from Manchester quintet splint. There are shades of Black Country New Road, Sonic Youth, Courtney Barnettt and Life Without Buildings in their sound.

On ‘145‘, tumbling notes, both frantic and meditative unfurl over rock drums. The whole thing builds into a brisk melancholy with the vocal of Giulia Bonometti countering and balancing the nervy electricity of the guitars. The song snowballs to a brilliant middle eight pause where dynamics widen and sonic details are revealed before the tide retreats and the song fades to its conclusion.

Bonometti says: “It’s about the human condition that unites every person but also divides us. Going through life without paying attention to what is actually happening to the people around us and settle for the “I’m fine” in reply to the “how are you’s?” Pretending to be strong when everything is falling apart and never allow yourself to be vulnerable.”

The song is their second single of 2022 following ‘Military Procedures‘.


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