LIVE REVIEW: Peter Bibby, The Dandelion, Big Dingo @ Newtown Social Club (14/05/15)


I’m calling it now – larrikin rock. That mix of Australiana, slacker indie/garage rock that keeps getting better and better. Headliner Peter Bibby is a leading progenitor as is Big Dingo who played a short 6 song set as it was their first show in a year. Observational lyrics using colloquial language and sung in a rich accent is rightfully attracting more and more fans. Big Dingo fit that perfectly with songs about Parramatta, large backyards and everyday shenanigans backed by heavily melodic and economical guitar/bass/drums.

The Dandelion flipped the dial to a 60s surf and garage rock vibe. Theres is a genre exercise but they nailed it with consummate playing and some theatrical sass from front-woman Danatalia de Silver whose impressive Dick Dale meets Mexican psych rock guitar playing led the charge. The organ provided the groove and the bass rode the rhythm while their drummer locked it all together. Primarily instrumental with some vocals they injected the appreciative audience with a swirling hip-shaking atmosphere.

Peter Bibby sauntered onstage wearing an outback stockman hat and bassist Jonny and drummer Nick Allbrook (Pond) in tow. A laconic greeting from beneath his hat and mess of blond hair and they launched into Goodbye Johnny, one of the many tracks from his Beautician/Hairstylist album of last year. Bibby comes across like a mix of Courtney Barnett, Jeffrey Lee Pierce (Gun Club) and Jack White with his unbridled and raw style. The crowd were well lubricated and a real cross section of older punters checking out the new kid who is showing promise as well as Bibby’s contemporaries, many finding much to relate to in his direct tales of drinking, smoking, fucking and living life. Hates my Boozin’, the delightfully titled Cunt and a solo Red XF Falcon were highlights of a set that showed Bibby is committed to documenting life without filters over primitive bluesy post-punk squalls.

Chris Familton


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