ALBUM REVIEW: Flying Saucer Attack – Instrumentals 2015

Rating7flying-saucer-attack-cover_sq-fa0b39a5c4e5dc7da27262ac06dce9ca5ea8b738-s300-c85-2Fifteen years have passed since David Pearce last released an album as Flying Saucer Attack but really the passing of time has little effect on the experimental guitar soundscapes he creates other than to eschew the vocals and percussion of the band’s early work. Over an hour this collection of instrumental tracks drone, mesmerise and eviscerate with a sonic palette that requires it to be heard in a single session to really experience the peaks, valleys and open plains that Pearce explores. The dynamics will attract fans of post rock while the immersive textures will satiate both ambient and noise fetishists.

Chris Familton


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