ALBUM REVIEW: Milk Music | Cruise Your Illusion

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by Chris Familton

Rating7square-600-2The brilliantly titled Cruise Your Illusion is the most realised of Milk Music’s albums to date with its ramshackle and parched slacker rock vibes that finds just the right balance of buzzing drive and a laid back stoner aesthetic.

The Olympia, Washington band show a strong allegiance to the kind of damaged punk and classic rock that the likes of Dinosaur Jr and Husker Du mastered but they still have very much their own sound built on free-ranging guitars and the wounded wail of singer Alex Coxen who has one of those gloriously messy voices that wanders around the notes and conjures more mood than melody. New Lease On Love possesses the textural surge of Swervedriver, as does Cruising With God the highlight of the album and the moment where they sound the most self assured and recklessly in sync.

This is one of those albums that should appeal to a wide group of listeners because it hits so many familiar references and eras while still keeping one ear focused on the importance of a good song amid the solos and DIY rock sonics.

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