Vote for us in the 2012 Ultrabook Blogster Awards

We are pretty stoked to be selected as one of 20 finalists in the music category of the 2012 Ultrabook Blogster Awards.

If you like what we do then we’d love it you could take a few seconds to hit the link below and simply click on the LIKE button to register your vote for Doubtful Sounds.


We’ve racked up over 250,000 hits on the site and more and more people are following us both here and on our Facebook page. With in-depth album and gig reviews, news stories, a handpicked selection of the best videos and interviews with everyone from Wilco to The Stooges, Jarvis Cocker to J Mascis we believe we are filling a corner of the market for those with a wide range of musical taste and curiosity.

Thanks in advance if you vote for us!

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