LIVE REVIEW: Charlie Horse, Suzy Connolly @ Sandringham Hotel, Sydney (19/04/12)

Charlie Horse | photo by Chris Familton

written by Chris Familton

Despite some sound issues/delays Charlie Horse and Suzy Connolly both played great sets at The Sando last night. Charlie Horse seemed to convert their frustrations into some fiery playing with Paul McDonald throwing rock shapes on guitar and Matt Brown almost overpowering the PA with his superb drumming. Out front Crystal Rose is a captivating front woman showing she can both serenade and snarl amid a constantly moving scene of hair and limbs. She fought to rise above the rest of the band but when they hit those choruses everything seemed to lock into place and surge forward. Highlights like Dead Roses, I Killed My Mind and Am I Not Your Baby No More were all just as magnificent live as they sound on the new album.

Suzy Connolly played with just bass and guitar as accompaniment and the absence of drums wasn’t noticed a bit. The trio gelled wonderfully with melody-rich basslines and Connolly’s producer Josh Schuberth contributing some subtle guitar work as well as jumping behind the sound desk to rescue the mix and lend some perfect reverb to Connolly’s note perfect vocals. Songs from the brilliant Night Larks LP comprised the set with Antony, Company Man and a dreamy version of Faking Your Best particular highlights. Connolly’s skill at performing her songs meant that they possessed just as much (if not more) emotional weight and beauty as the recorded versions.

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Crystal Rose of Charlie Horse | photo by Chris Familton
Crystal Rose of Charlie Horse | photo by Chris Familton
Suzy Connolly | photo by Chris Familton
Suzy Connolly | photo by Chris Familton

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