INTERVIEW: Charlie Horse

Charlie Horse are currently playing East Coast shows to celebrate their well-received debut album, I Hope I’m Not A Monster, even though the recording of their next one is already underway. We discussed the creative process, the music industry and more with guitarist Paul McDonald and singer Crystal Rose. How have the rehearsals been going for this run of album release shows?   PM – We’ve tried … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Charlie Horse

SONIC KICKS: Charlie Horse

Charlie Horse released one of our favourite albums of the year with I Hope I’m Not A Monster and in a full interview that we’ll be publishing in the coming weeks they tell us they’re already halfway through the next record which should be out in the second half of 2013. With a widescreen rock n roll sound that draws influence from Neil Young, The … Continue reading SONIC KICKS: Charlie Horse

LIVE REVIEW: Charlie Horse, Suzy Connolly @ Sandringham Hotel, Sydney (19/04/12)

written by Chris Familton Despite some sound issues/delays Charlie Horse and Suzy Connolly both played great sets at The Sando last night. Charlie Horse seemed to convert their frustrations into some fiery playing with Paul McDonald throwing rock shapes on guitar and Matt Brown almost overpowering the PA with his superb drumming. Out front Crystal Rose is a captivating front woman showing she can both … Continue reading LIVE REVIEW: Charlie Horse, Suzy Connolly @ Sandringham Hotel, Sydney (19/04/12)