INTERVIEW: Before Last Night | Butcher Blades

Melbourne’s tropical filmic electro popsters Butcher Blades are headlining this week’s Last Night event down at The Gaelic in Sydney. A kaleidoscopic evening is bound to occur – of which you can audibly sample on their MySpace page linked below. We threw some question marks at them and these were their colourful responses…


Do any of you have any pre-gig rituals? Quoting every one of Michael Caine’s lines from The Ipcress File while methodically fucking up Grammaticalapple’s equipment so he can’t concentrate on being nervous. Goldendelicious is claiming that a persistant state of drunkeness and unprevoked public undress is a key part of his stage preparation, but his story’s wearing thin. Creep.

 What do you personally bring to the sound of your band?  We lend vocals to our sound, donate keyboards and borrow percussion and basslines for our sound. After bringing them to our sound we pick them all back up and rearrange them, so that we all play everything at least once, in the most facetious way possible.

 In 12 months time, what do you hope to have achieved musically?  We have no hopes. So long as tofu and the internet still exist, we’ll still be playing the most visceral shows we can, and grafting film music to dance music. Hopefully more people will see us so we can make bigger parties.

 If you could curate Last Night, who would be your dream line-up?  Lalo Schifrin djing, The John  Barry Orchestra first up, followed by Les Baxter, Classixx, My Disco, the Juan Mclean, Fake Blood, the Very Best. Simian Mobile Disco headline.

 The last song you wrote, what is it about?  The last song we wrote was called Jgsw Lmbs, about the loose sutures holding together the cadavar of suburban mysticism together.

 Recording/Touring – if you had to choose one which would it be?  Recording. We’re already cave dwellers, it’s complimentary to our evolution… or is that devolution?

 Which Australian artist/band is setting the standard at the moment?  World’s End Press for skin peelingly good disco, No Zu for their starkly beautiful reinvention of Afrobeat, My Disco for being the best band on our planet earth.


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