INTERVIEW: Before Last Night | Die! Die! Die!

Die! Die! Die! grace/destroy the stage at the Gaelic this friday night as the headliners of this week’s Purple Sneakers Presents: Last Night shindig. The band has been touring non-stop since the release of their last album Form and are set to head straight to the USA after Sydney shows this week. Catch them if at all possible as they are an insanely great live act. We had a (very brief) chat to drummer Michael Prain ahead of the gig…


Do any of you have any pre-gig rituals?

We have never had any pre-gig rituals, if all three of us are present and coherent that’s always a good start.

What do you personally bring to the sound of your band?

I bring the beats.

In 12 months time, what do you hope to have achieved musically?

We hope to remain pure to ourselves.

If you could curate Last Night, who would be your dream line-up?

The Breeders/Broadcast/Snapper/LOVE.

The last song you wrote, what is it about?

Learning to live and love in a world of frustrations.

Recording/Touring – if you had to choose one which would it be?

Can’t have one without the other for us these days.

Which Australian artist/band is setting the standard at the moment?

Kitchen’s Floor/Brisbane/Qld.



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