VIDEO: Reggae Britannia

The BBC have been doing a brilliant job over recent years with their Britannia series focusing on a different genre of music that has impacted culturally on Britain. Reggae Britannia is essential viewing for anyone into the ska, reggae and dub sounds of Jamaica, the Two Tone scene of 70s/80s UK and the ragga and lovers rock trends that followed.

The same BBC Four series has seen Pop Britannia, Prog Rock Britannia, Folk Britannia, Heavy Metal Britannia, Festival Britannia and Synth Britannia – all worth hunting out.

Check out the full doco below…

One thought on “VIDEO: Reggae Britannia

  1. Thanks for the link, Chris. I started watching this, and it looks really good. A one and a half hour doco brought to you exclusively by YouTube (?!)…Viral marketing by the Beeb, perhaps

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