VIDEO: IGGY & THE STOOGES (with James Williamson)

video ds

ggyJIggy & The Stooges are back in their new incarnation with James Williamson ripping it up on guitar after the sad death of Ron Asheton.

Iggy is in fine form with pants half down destroying mic stands in this great  festival footage.

Their current setlist runs as:

Raw Power (from Raw Power, 1973)
Kill City
Search & Destroy (from Raw Power, 1973)
Gimme Danger (from Raw Power, 1973)
Cock in my Pocket
Shake Appeal (from Raw Power, 1973)
Loose (from Fun House, 1970)
1970 (from Fun House, 1970)
Fun House (from Fun House, 1970)
Skull Ring (from Skull Ring, 2003)
I Wanna Be Your Dog (from The Stooges, 1969)
Five Foot One (from New Values, 1979)
The Passenger (from Lust For Life, 1978)
Death Trip (from Raw Power, 1973)
Lust for Life (from Lust For Life, 1978)

(cut to the three minute mark of 5’1″ where the song starts)

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