1.  The catchiest album of the year gave us the single She Doesn’t Belong To Me

2.  The ever elegant Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds produced the slo mo wordy swagger of More News From Nowhere

3. Bon Iver was the shooting star of 2008 and this was one of the most beautiful songs of the year… Skinny Love….

4. M38 delivered a convincing and ecstatic take on the best things the 80’s gave us.  Kim & Jessie was also one of the best music vids of 08…

5. Okkervil River delivered the great Stax sounding Starry Stairs and Sydney’s own Jack Ladder did the song justice when they asked him to cover it…

6. The Drones were Australia’s most invigorating band of the year with another killer record and the lead single The Minotaur

7. This year saw the resurrection of sorts of Beck with a good album and in particular the rolling drums and psych feel of Chemtrails. This mashup fan video works quite well too…

8. The man with the punk approach and the key to the cabinet of melodies was Jay Reatard and Always Wanting More and it’s fantastic video summed up his sound perfectly…

9. Silver Jews created the best lyrical album of the year with Dave Berman’s quirky observations which was displayed on Strange Victory, Strange Defeat

10. The Felice Brothers were a new milenium take on Dylan and The Band but they did it so well.  A fantastic record and a great single in Frankie’s Gun

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