STREAM: Wild Beasts | Two Dancers (Remixes)

Wild Beasts are hav ing a bit of fun farming out tracks from last year’s Two Dancers album and after releasing a 12″ of We Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tongues they are set to release a double 12″ pack of The Fun Powder Plot and This Is Our Lot in November 8th.

The first 12″ features dancefloor-orientated remixes courtesy of Canadian synth-pop duo Junior Boys and British electronic composer Jon Hopkins. The second 12″ is a more atmospheric affair with reworkings from arch psychedelicist, Oneohtrix Point Never and composer and arranger Son Lux.

12” (1)

  1. The Fun Powder Plot (Junior Boys Vocal remix)
  2. B – Two Dancers (ii) (Jon Hopkins remix)

12” (2)

  1. Two Dancers (ii) (Oneohtrix Point Never White Knights remix)
  2. This Is Our Lot (Son Lux remix)

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News DS

EchoTheBunnymen-01-bigFantastic main announcement for the Laneway Festival in 2010! Highlights for Doubtful Sounds have to be Black Lips, Wild Beasts (our potential album of 09), Daniel Johnston, Echo And The Bunnymen and The XX who we have had on rotation recently.

  • Echo & The Bunnymen
  • Florence and The Machine
  • Black Lips
  • The XX
  • Daniel Johnston #
  • Sarah Blasko
  • N.AS.A
  • Eddy Current Suppression Ring
  • Hockey
  • Dappled Cities
  • Mumford and Sons #
  • Radio Clit
  • The Very Best
  • Wild Beasts #
  • Whitely
  • The Middle East
  • Kid Sam
  • Dirty Three *

# not appearing at Adelaide
* Melbourne only

There have also been a few location changes for next year’s events, including the Sydney leg of the tour moving from downtown Sydney out to sunny Rozelle.

Friday, January 29: Alexandria St off St Paul’s Terrace, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
Saturday, January 30: Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC), Melbourne
Sunday, January 31: Sydney College of the Arts (SCA), Rozelle, Sydney
Monday, February 1: Britomart Station, Auckland
Friday, February 5: Fowler’s Live, North Terrace, Adelaide
Saturday, February 6: Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge, Perth

Tickets on sale Fri 30th October via Greentix


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Reviewed for FasterLouder

wildbeastsWild Beasts are already onto their second album with Two Dancers; a relatively quick follow up to their debut, Limbo, Panto, from 2008. It suggests they were brimming with ideas after the critical success of the first album and there is no doubt that the enthusiasm to record and release new material has paid off. They have quite simply delivered one of the best albums of 2009.

The quartet from England’s north west have a quirky sound that takes a bit of adjusting to, especially the voice of Hayden Thorpe that soars into a high and slightly husky falsetto amid the sparse and eclectic arrangements. Jeff Buckley is still to blame for many young men singing up the register and more recently Antony has led the way for a sensitive and more vulnerable style of pitch and phrasing.

Musically the Wild Beasts are operating in similar areas to the latest bright lights such as Grizzly Bear and Dirty Projectors. There is little standard drumming and few buzzing guitars at work on Two Dancers. They are more likely to utilize effects and clean tones instead of standard strumming and the rhythm section treads lightly, finding fine and delicate grooves with polyrhythmic shades ever present.

First single ‘Hooting And Howling’ is a majestic song, the perfect introduction to first time listeners. It shifts time and mood from the chiming single note guitar riff (possibly the catchiest hook of the year) through a slow build chorus and back down to some wonderfully restrained light atmospheric touches.

‘All The King’s Men’ displays African pop influences in the guitars and Thorpe delivers his widest ranging vocal performance with some eccentric yelps and low moaning harmonies alongside bassist Tom Fleming. That they can make such catchy music in a challenging and quirky style is where their magic lies.

The two tracks that form the centre of the album are ‘Two Dancers I’ and ‘II’. I is a complex maze of percussion patterns that are both tribal and jazz in nature. II mirrors the previous song’s rhythms after an ambient and dreamy first half but the mood has shifted to a more reflective one, like the calm after a storm.

The theatrical side of Wild Beasts appears on ‘Underbelly’ with Thorpe amping up the vocal drama before we are left with a gorgeous twinkling synth line that stretches to the end of the song, reminiscent of some of Talk Talk’s music.

Two Dancers is a delightfully understated album that doesn’t feel pressured to build to crescendos or make grand gestures. Much like Odawas they have taken influence from the more austere pop bands of the 80s and added depth and soul. The voice of Thorpe is the undeniable star of the show, of which the band are well aware. They place ornate frames around his instrument which draws the listener in even deeper. Just as many people were starting to wonder where original and inspirational UK indie music was heading, here is the answer.

VIDEO: WILD BEASTS – Devil’s Crayon & Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants

Wild Beasts are a fantastic new group out of the North of England (nice to see some good music still coming out of the UK..:)Their debut album – Limbo, Panto – was a real surprise, so accomplished and confident for a debut and a real talent, especially the vocals of Hayden Thorpe and his magical wordplay. I recommend you get hold of this one as it is one of last years best records for this year…



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