Facebook Update

FEB 22ND UPDATE: We’re back baby!! Looks like the FB oracle has come to its senses and reinstated our FB page!

Unfortunately Doubtful Sounds has been caught up in the Facebook / Australian Government stoush over news content on the platform today. It’s the perfect example of the collateral damage that has occurred with a large number of non-news sites having their content stripped from their FB pages.

We are a music blog, not a news outlet that would be involved in negotiations with FB over being paid to have our content on their platform. We are an independent, non-profit music blog who does not run or place any paid advertising or have any employees. It’s solely an outlet for my music reviews and interviews, done solely for the love of music and the desire to contribute to the community of musicians and music fans, primarily in Australia and New Zealand but also right across the world.

Fingers crossed that sanity will prevail and we’ll back up and running very soon. In the meantime, subscribe here on the website and if you don’t already, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.




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