ALBUM REVIEW: Pinback | Information Retrieved

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by Chris Familton

Information_RetrievedRating6Pinback sound like they inhabit a netherworld suspended between post rock and indie guitar pop and on their new album that combination of styles and a studio sheen have resulted in a diluted collection of songs.

Pinback are a fantastic live band where volume and adrenalin give their songs a grounding and a stronger backbone and though Information Retrieved isn’t bereft of great songs it is just sounds too clean and precise, like every note has been played or programmed to perfection. The album starts strongly with the first two tracks possessing interesting rhythms and momentum but then it flattens out with their robotic post rock grooves sounding synthetic and clinical. On Diminished, with it’s Nik Kershaw vocal similarities, they slow the tempo and the music feels looser and more human as a result but it is too little too late. Pinback clearly possess the required writing and playing skills, they just need to allow a little more heart and soul into the mix.

this review was first published on Fasterlouder

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