STREAM: Wild Beasts | Two Dancers (Remixes)

Wild Beasts are hav ing a bit of fun farming out tracks from last year’s Two Dancers album and after releasing a 12″ of We Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tongues they are set to release a double 12″ pack of The Fun Powder Plot and This Is Our Lot in November 8th.

The first 12″ features dancefloor-orientated remixes courtesy of Canadian synth-pop duo Junior Boys and British electronic composer Jon Hopkins. The second 12″ is a more atmospheric affair with reworkings from arch psychedelicist, Oneohtrix Point Never and composer and arranger Son Lux.

12” (1)

  1. The Fun Powder Plot (Junior Boys Vocal remix)
  2. B – Two Dancers (ii) (Jon Hopkins remix)

12” (2)

  1. Two Dancers (ii) (Oneohtrix Point Never White Knights remix)
  2. This Is Our Lot (Son Lux remix)

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