NEWS: New band alert… The Snowdroppers

Not strictly a new band as they’ve been around for a couple of years but The Snowdroppers hit my radar this week as the support for Seasick Steve at The Metro. Awesome stage prescence backed up by great songs… here’s an excerpt from my gig review for The Dwarf…

The Snowdroppers were one of those little known support acts that impresses and leaves a lasting impression on you. They have the look down pat with two bearded and snappily attired guitarists, a long haired and stomping drummer and frontman Johnny Wishbone who looks like a good polite choirboy until he opens his mouth and sings and howls the blues between some searing harmonica and frantic banjo playing. Your perception then switches to a mutant Matt Damon meets Dexter. The Snowdroppers have a magical mix of the aforementioned blues, rockabilly and swaggering rock – all delivered with precision and murderous intent. They have a debut album out… Buy it, I did.

They have a debut album Too Late To Pray out now.

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