Neil Finn – Out Of Silence album recording/webcast

Out Of Silence was recorded live in-studio via webcast on Facebook and YouTube and will be mixed, mastered and digitally released one week after the recording, on 1 September 2017. “It’s pretty damned exciting. It’s the way I always dreamed of making music.” Each Friday for the last month, Neil Finn has been convening in his Roundhead Studios in Auckland, New Zealand with a collection … Continue reading Neil Finn – Out Of Silence album recording/webcast

FEATURE: Girls Aloud

In the last five years an increasing number of female artists have been making themselves heard above the generic indie clatter. Many of them have stepped away from the softer folk leanings of artists like Feist and Cat Power and established a stronger, more assertive aural template. In the electronic realm the likes of Austra, Fever Ray and Zola Jesus are creating dark electronic pop … Continue reading FEATURE: Girls Aloud

FEATURE: Daddy, What is Indie Music?

written by Chris Familton “Good question son, it is kind of everything these days but in the good old days it actually meant something tangible”. It always fascinates me how musical genres are constantly invented then warped, diluted and eventually rendered inert as valid descriptions of a style or movement in music. Rock n roll was a clearly defined take on blues and country that … Continue reading FEATURE: Daddy, What is Indie Music?

FEATURE: First Albums…

written by Chris Familton The curse of premature evaluation by the media and self-appointed tastemakers is a curse that has befallen many a band over the years. With instant access to the public via digital means there is almost a battle to see who can spot and announce the next great act the fastest which inevitably results in a flood of false claims. History is … Continue reading FEATURE: First Albums…


Here’s a piece I wrote for an issue of the fantastic print mag One More Robot. Follow the link at the end of this post to download the full article including some great photos by Eimear Forrestal. Unlike many other musical trends and genres, folk music never disappears and new artists are consistently emerging. Chris Familton discusses the history of the genre and why it … Continue reading FEATURE: FOLK MUSIC | ACOUSTIC GOLD