Favourite Albums of 2022

2022, another year of new music and further blurring of the distinction between genres new and old. This fragmentation and amalgamation of form continues to thrill and rejuvenate my depth of listening and inspire a renewed sense of vigour in digging deeper to find new artists. Like all of you I trawl the web, listen to favourite radio stations and shows, draw on the recommendations … Continue reading Favourite Albums of 2022

PLAYLIST: Doubtful Sounds for Uncertain Times Vol. 1

We love a good playlist – that joy of finding a good angle or obtuse theme to indulge in and discover new or new old music. Here then is the first in a new playlist series called Doubtful Sounds for Uncertain Times. An eclectic journey through impulsive listening, both reactionary and complimentary. Ears, memories and instinct leading the way through a playlist selection for these … Continue reading PLAYLIST: Doubtful Sounds for Uncertain Times Vol. 1