NEW MUSIC: Old Moon – Ephemeral

This new track from New Hampshire, USA singer and multi instrumentalist Tom Weir, under the name Old Moon, hits the nostalgia button for me – conjuring up memories of 80s goth rock sounds from the early period of The Cult, The Cure, Psychedelic Furs and others.

The guitars wash and shimmer over an urgent, nervy rhythm section. The bass has that great throbbing feel while over the top of it all is Weir’s ominous, doomy keening voice in the vein of Eldritch and Murphy. It’s a great mix of shoegaze, goth and post-punk sounds but the USA perspective on these Anglophile underground rock sounds gives it its own distinct feel.

‘Ephemeral’ comes from Weir’s new album Altars, out now via streaming services and Bandcamp via A La Carte Records.

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