LISTEN: First track from the new Shearwater LP Animal Joy…

Shearwater return on February 14th with their 8th LP Animal Joy and their first on the seminal Sub Pop label. From the sound of the track Breaking the Yearlings (below) this will be their rawest, most direct effort to date.

Animal Joy was produced and recorded by Danny Reisch in Austin, Texas and mixed by Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Jonsi, Frightened Rabbit) in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Sessions took place through most of 2011. The album was mastered by Greg Calbi in NYC. Principal players were Jonathan Meiburg (vocals, guitar, and piano), Kimberly Burke (upright and electric bass) and Thor Harris (drums)—all members of Shearwater since 1999—along with guest performers Andy Stack (of Wye Oak) on guitar, keyboard, and saxophone, Scott Brackett on keyboards, Cully Symington on additional drums, Sam Lipman on clarinet, and Elaine Barber on harp.


  1. Animal Life
  2. Breaking the Yearlings
  3. Dread Sovereign
  4. You as You Were
  5. Insolence
  6. Immaculate
  7. Open Your Houses (Basilisk)
  8. Run the Banner Down
  9. Pushing the River
  10. Believing Makes It Easy
  11. Star of the Age

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