INTERVIEW: Before Last Night | Rapids

Last Night continues its journey up the indie amazon this week with Gold Coasters now Sydneysiders Rapids. You can catch their live set down at The Gaelic on Friday night alongside a DJ set from mr supercurl Darwin Deez. We caught up with singer Jamie Timony ahead of the gig…


Do any of you have any pre-gig rituals? Pre gig rituals just involve sitting down together and having a few beers and a chat. We usually leave writing our setlist until then as well. Post gig rituals can involve leaving some gear on the side of the road or at the venue and having it stolen so for all the opportunists out there, come this Friday, you might end up with a new guitar!

What do you personally bring to the sound of your band? I bring a nasally, high pitched tone and some Australian animal inspired dance moves.

In 12 months time, what do you hope to have achieved musically? First and foremost we hope to write a pile of new songs that we can be totally proud of. We hope to have recorded and released our EP by July 2011 and played some good shows both here and in the United States in the first half of next year.

If you could curate Last Night, who would be your dream line-up? Radiohead would headline with Deerhunter in support and a surprise reunion show from The Scare to get shit moving.

The last song you wrote, what is it about? The last song we wrote is called The Ants are Armada and it’s about leaving some things for the universe to decide and not getting too caught up in your own life’s worries.

Recording/Touring – if you had to choose one which would it be? That’s hard, but I guess I would have to say touring. Getting out and about with the band and seeing new faces and places is great soul food. The partying is always good too.

Which Australian artist/band is setting the standard at the moment? I would have to say I’m super impressed with how the boys from DZ Deathrays have been going. They make interesting and dynamic music to party to both live and recorded and I feel they’re garnering the attention that they deserve on and offshore.


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