ALBUM REVIEW: Myles Mayo | Myles Mayo

written by Chris Familton

On the surface this debut solo album from Myles Mayo looks totally unappealing with it’s artwork looking like it would be more suited to an 80s Pink Floyd album or something by Robert Miles. Take the time to dig a little deeper and actually listen to the music within and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The Special Patrol frontman has a decidedly assured way with a hooky melody and constantly inventive instrumentation. With a style that references Eels, Beck and Sleepy Jackson he has recorded an album that bristles with pop magic, positively bursting at the seams with catchy choruses and slight tangents into quirkiness that know their limits. He even diverts into country territory on I Slept The Winter Underground and kindergarten pop on Ice-Cream Truck.

The single How You Done Me Wrong sums up the vibe of the album with Mayo’s achy whine of a voice, the eclectic mix of instruments and backing vocals all combining to make a wonderfully wry pop song. He knows his strengths and sticks to them across the album and most of the time the results are just as impressive.

What also makes this album so charming is the way Mayo weaves subtle humour into his lyrics. On Leave the Party (Party Pt. 2) he drops the line ‘I’m the clown in the corner with my pants down, waving my dick around for everybody’. It seems out of place amid songs that are so light and bright but there are many dark corners hiding tales of lost souls and failed relationships. It is that coexistence of the happy/sad in the lyrics and music that makes this such a compelling listen.

this review first appeared in Drum Media

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