INTERVIEW: Before Last Night | Otouto

This week at Purple Sneakers’ Last Night the headlining live band is Otouto who are a Melbourne-based band made up of Hazel Brown on guitar and vocals, Kishore Ryan (Kid Sam, Seagull) on drums/pots and Martha Brown on vocals and keys. Their album Pip came out on Remote Contro/Inertia last year and caught a lot of people’s ears with their quirky pop. Before Friday night we threw a few questions the way of Ryan…

Do any of you have any pre-gig rituals?
Sometimes we have a pre-gig hug. If we’re really nervous we compliment each other and have a drink or two.

What do you personally bring to the sound of your band?
Well, I provide most of the percussion. I guess I just try to make interesting rhythms and textures.

In 12 months time, what do you hope to have achieved musically?
I’d love to make another record this year. I think we’ve developed a lot since our last record and it would be nice to document our sound at this point.

If you could curate Last Night, who would be your dream line-up?
Kate Bush, Wu-Tang, Good For Cows, Blonde Redhead and Dick Threats.

The last song you wrote, what is it about?
The last song that all three of us wrote together was ‘W. Hillier’. It’s about my great grandfather Walter who was shanghaied in Newcastle, NSW. The boat he woke up on was headed for South America. He became the boat’s chef and grew to love his job.

Recording/Touring – if you had to choose one, which would it, be?
I’d have to say recording. When Otouto no longer exists our recordings will still exist. Touring is basically sitting in a car or an airport all day just so you can play for forty minutes.

Which Australian artist/band is setting the standard at the moment?
I recently heard Drunk Elk for the first time and got really excited. I’m very much looking forward to seeing them play when they come to Melbourne in March. An Australian record that I’ve listened to a lot recently is ‘Soul Money Gang Vibe’ by Hit the Jackpot. That was released in 2008 so hopefully they release something new soon. I’m also looking forward to new records by Batrider, Mad Nanna, Yffer and Mick Turner.

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