Download DJ Food 1989 Hip Hop Mix…

DJ Food was recently asked to play a night called Classic Material in London. The idea for the club is to give each month over to a year from Hip Hop’s past and only play tracks released during it. He was given 1989 and this set was all done from original vinyl, clicks, jumps and all.

Check the killer tunes from daisy age to proto-gangsta with some hip hop house thrown into the mix… A magic time in hip hop… stream and/or download… enjoy!


Tone Loc – On Fire (Remix) (Delicous Vinyl)
Gang Starr – Words I Manifest (Wild Pitch)
Chill Rob G – Court’s In Session (Wild Pitch)
Beastie Boys – Hey Ladies (Capitol Records)
Jungle Brothers – Jbeez Comin’ Through (Warner Bros)
Beastie Boys – Shadrach (Capitol Records)
Beastie Boys – Shake Your Rump (Capitol Records)
EPMD – Big Payback (Sleeping Bag)
Ultramagnetic MCs – A Chorus Line (Next Plateau)
Public Enemy – Fight The Power (Motown)
De La Soul – Say No Go (Say No Dope mix) (Big Life/Tommy Boy)
Most Wanted – Calm Down (Fever Records)
Hijack – Badman Is Robbin’ (Rhyme Syndicate)
Ice T – Lethal Weapon (Sire)
Twin Hype – Do It To The Crowd (Profile)
Jungle Brothers – Tribe Vibes (Warner Bros)
Jungle Brothers Beyond This World (Warner Bros)
Cookie Crew – Born This Way (FFRR)
Jungle Brothers – Good News Coming (Warner Bros)
The D.O.C – Portrait of a Masterpiece (Ruthless)
Hijack – Doomsday of Rap (Ice T Remix) (Rhyme Syndicate)
De La Soul – Magic Number (123 mix) (Big Life/Tommy Boy)
Doug Lazy – Let It Roll (Grove St)
Double Trouble & Rebel MC – Just Keep Rockin’ (Desire)

Release date: Jan 24, 2011



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