NEWS: The Pet Rocks – new lineup and gig…

Since recording the last album Wayward Ways and relocating to Melbourne, mainman Nick Kreisler has recruited a new lineup and will be unveiling the new look band this week at Melbourne’s IDGAFF.

the new lineup is:

Nick Kreisler, lead vocals and guitar

Gareth Eunson, lead guitar and vocals

Carl Willebrant, Fender P Bass

Tony Hughes, Drums

  • Nick formed the Pet Rocks in 1994 with Simon Sampson, in AK. Two albums: PR Nitemare, 1997 and Wayward Ways, 2008. The former was recorded in AK, the latter in Sydney.He moved to Melbourne in 2007.
  • Gareth is a late 20’s ex-Wellingtonian who was drawn to Melbourne 5 years ago by his passion for rock ‘n’ roll. He played here previously in a band called the Graveyard Sons. Recently he went across the Tasman to engineer and co produce Kiwi band Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, at a house in Takaka. He is also an accomplished singer songwriter, and plays harp, drums and bagpipes, too.
  • Carl, 32, is a seasoned session player and working musician, much in demand. He trained at the Conservatory of Music, Tasmania. He has played on more than 20 albums, and is gigging constantly.
  • Tony, 40, or so, has played in many bands since age 13. He plays with a 60’s R ‘n’ B percussive style, somewhat Motown.

Kreisler reports that…

We have a bunch of new songs including Fatal Shore, Black Word Box, Postcard From Transylvania, The Shaman/The Jaguar, Kingdom of Dirt, Raw Material, and High Frequent Seas. I have been working for a while on the theme of songs that are portraits, exploring memory and coincidence, and hope to record the collection under the title ‘Altered Egos’.

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