UPCOMING RELEASE: Deluxe Edition of Bowie’s Station To Station…

On September 28 in the U.S. (September 20 in Europe), EMI reissues David Bowie’s Station to Station in two bonus-laden packages.

1. The three-CD Special Edition features the album and audio from a concert at Long Island’s Nassau Coliseum that took place March 23, 1976.

2. Super Deluxe Limited Edition (pictured) features those same three CDs along with LPs, DVD audio, an EP of single versions from the record, and tons of photos and paraphernalia including a replica of a Bowie fan club membership card. It’s serious. Both editions feature new liner notes from music writer and director Cameron Crowe.

Full tracklist and list of bonuses below:

Station to Station Special Edition:

Station to Station (original analog master):

01 Station to Station

02 Golden Years

03 Word on a Wing

04 TVC15

05 Stay

06 Wild Is the Wind

Live Nassau Coliseum ’76 (part one):

01 Station to Station

02 Suffragette City

03 Fame

04 Word on a Wing

05 Stay

06 Waiting for the Man

07 Queen Bitch

Live Nassau Coliseum ’76 (part two):

01 Life on Mars?

02 Five Years

03 Panic in Detroit

04 Changes

05 TVC15

06 Diamond Dogs

07 Rebel Rebel

08 The Jean Genie

Station to Station Super Deluxe Limited Edition:

All of the above plus:

Singles Versions E.P.:

01 Golden Years

02 TVC15

03 Stay

04 Word on a Wing (first time on CD)

05 Station to Station (previously unreleased version)

— Station to Station and Live Nassau Coliseum ’76 on LP

— Station to Station DVD audio

— Station to Station 1985 RCA CD master

— 24-page booklet with never before seen photos

— Poster

— Backstage pass replica

— Concert ticket replica

— Press photos

— Replica fan club folder

— Replica fan club membership card

— Two collectors cards

— Replica four-page biography

— Two badges

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