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Sydney’s Richard In Your Mind have just dropped the first release for their new label Rice Is Nice. Summertime EP is a gumbo stew of styles and instruments that feels frenetic, schizophrenic, fun and fearless.

For now at least it is a fresh blast of cut and paste indie hip hop and funk that dually serves the feet and the mind. First track Summertime Boogie (do the) is a big beat bonanza that drops into the electro proto-hip hop of Dismantilising, probably the most original and satisfying moment on the EP.

Intranaut (Return of the Space Hindu), takes us to a sitar trip-hop planet with the Bombay DJ Shadow as the pilot. Make it Chill mixes Beck, The Beastie Boys, the warped aesthetic of Ween and a nod to the delivery of contemporary MCs like Busdriver.

Gumboots stretches the patience after the first ‘that’s a clever piece of editing’ listen. Rainforest floats along on with its soothing and burbling, ambient and analog electronic soundscapes. A breath of fresh air after the spastic Gumboots.

Follow Me rounds things out nicely with an drifting psych strum that approximates late 60s UK pastoral pop and the quietest of the 80s shoegazers. Its a gorgeous summer comedown moment after the sunburn and crashing waves found elsewhere on Summertime EP.

Summertime EP is out now digitally via the good folks at Rice Is Nice.

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