NEWS: Ron’s Gone But THE STOOGES Go On…

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stoogesWith the death of Ron Asheton many would have thought that the end of the mighty Stooges, especially with Iggy now doing dodgy jazz albums. Never fear true believers… The Stooges once again rise from extinction, this time with James Williamson returning as guitarist. He relegated Asheton to bass duties when he joined the band in 1973 for Raw Power and went on to write many of the songs on Kill City with Iggy.

When Iggy and Williamson had a falling out during the sessions for Pop’s 1980 Soldier album they parted ways with no contact until this year when Pop made the call asking his old guitarist if he wanted to play again.

At this stage the only shows scheduled are two ATP shows (May 2/3)  in the UK where they will be playing the Raw Power album. Hopefully other dates will follow soon.

2 thoughts on “NEWS: Ron’s Gone But THE STOOGES Go On…

  1. As Raw Power is one of the greatest albums, with (sadly) one of the worst ever mixes, I hope this re-union will be really good.

    Waiting expectantly…

  2. I hope they tour!

    The original Bowie mix made the album weird, trashy, and cool. The newer (revisionist) mix by Iggy sucks. It’s Columbia’s fault, apparently–they insisted on it being remixed. They didn’t know what they have. Figures. Columbia: get real, please. Release a remastered edition of the original Bowie mix.

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