NEWS: JESU release an Opiate Sun…

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Jesu have a new EP on the way titled Opiate Sun. Out on October 27th it will be released on Mark Kozelek’s Caldo Verde label. It is sure to be another slab of sludge and shimmer going on the sound of the track Deflated…


Justin Broadrick first emerged as a force in music as part of the band Napalm Death in the mid eighties. He then formed Godflesh which cemented his place in a genre which is variously known as extreme, grindcore or just new metal. There are however, many arrows in Justin Broadrick’s quiver. Over the last twenty years he has maintained a series of projects ranging in musical style from punk to industrial to the layered, melodic atmospherics of his current band, Jesu and it’s newest release, an EP called ‘Opiate Sun’. This ability to step outside the confines of musical convention sets him apart creatively from other writer musicians who have been working in his field over this period. Despite, or perhaps because of this stylistic diversity he has attracted an obsessively loyal fanbase and a reliably positive response from critics. The question is always, How does he sound so light while staying so heavy?

Jesu’s output has been spasmodic but of a uniform high quality. All instruments are played by Justin Broadrick and apart from the occasionally guest vocalist (Jarboe from The Swans) he handles all vocals. Two traditional sequenced albums, ‘Jesu’ in 2004, and  ‘Conqueror’ in 2007 plus an album length song, ‘Infinity’, in July 2009 have been intertwined with a number of EPs. In 2008 Jesu issued one EP, ‘Why Are We Not Perfect?’ and contributed to two more split EPs with other bands. ‘Opiate Sun’ is the only Jesu release in 2009 aside from ‘Infinity’.

‘Opiate Sun’ will be released in the US and UK on Mark Kozelek’s Caldo Verde Records home of Mark’s own Sun Kil Moon and other transformative musical endeavors. Mark was captured by the strength of Justin’s performance when he saw him live in San Francisco in 2007. Therefore he was only too happy to help out when the opportunity arose to be involved in this important project.

Justin Broadrick is a native of Birmingham, England and resides in Wales. He has produced or remixed releases by Pantera, Isis, and Pelican. He also runs his own label, Avalanche Inc.


1. Losing Streak
2. Opiate Sun
3. Deflated DOWNLOAD
4. Morning Light

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