NEWS: Morrissey in Australia?

The Morrissey fan website True To You has posted word that he will be playing in NZ and Australia early next year.  Could it be that he will be added onto the BDO or ATP lineups?  My first thought was that he would be perfect for the V Festival but that doesn’t hit our shores until March.

True To You posted – “Morrissey will play his first concerts of 2009 in New Zealand. January shows are booked in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and Dunedin. From here, Morrissey will travel to Australia where concerts are booked in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide”.

One thought on “NEWS: Morrissey in Australia?

  1. I reckon he’ll be playing the BDO. The fact that he’s coming to New Zealand in January and playing Auckland suggests that – especially since he then travels to Australia. A week ago I emailed the Auckland media contact for the BDO to ask about Morrissey playing the BDO, and I have had no reply.


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