LIVE REVIEW: METZ @ Goodgod Small Club, Sydney (05/12/13)


Batpiss kicked things off with a blistering set of punk rock riffs and barked/screamed vocals with rhythmic deviations and a melodic interplay between the guitar and bass elevating them above generic thrashers. One song dropped the BPM considerably, for part of it at least, with the resultant dark and doomy groove sounding like Earth and […]

LIVE REVIEW: ARIA Week Showcase: Bad//Dreems… @ Upstairs Beresford, Sydney (27/11/13)

DS Featured Imageariadreems

Bad//Dreems nearly didn’t make it up from Adelaide due to cancelled flights. Thankfully they did as they provided the most rock n roll and adventurous moments of the night. The four-piece showed why they have deservedly been 2013’s most exciting new proponents of melodic Australian guitar music. Songs like Caroline, Hoping For, Too Old and […]

LIVE REVIEW: Sonny & The Sunsets, Surf City, Community Radio, Adults @ Goodgod (21/11/13)

DS Featured Imagesonny

Four shades of indie guitar pop music were on display at Goodgod with Adults being at the more obtuse end of the spectrum. The trio knocked out ramshackle, skeletal post punk songs built around restless melodies and rhythmic edge. Their songs gave the impression of being thrown together casually yet beneath the Pavement-esque delivery there […]

LIVE REVIEW: The Murlocs, Los Tones, Blind Valley @ Goodgod Small Club (15/11/13)

DS Featured Imagemurlocslive

Three separate strains of psychedelic rock were on display at Goodgod with locals Blind Valley kicking things off in confident fashion. A quartet with a sound built around big Tame Impala-styled riffs, impressively melodic bass playing, Led Zeppelin atmospherics and a farfisa organ made them a varied and entertaining opening act. The arriving crowd responded […]

LIVE REVIEW: Wavves, Unknown Mortal Orchestra @ The Standard, Sydney (25/07/13)

DS Featured Imagewavves

by Chris Familton This was a night where two bands rooted in guitar music came together from quite different directions. Wavves drew the notably larger crowd on the back of their notoriety and accesibile punk pop while Unknown Mortal Orchestra drew from the well of classic psych rock and soul music. One band caressed and […]

LIVE REVIEW: Toy, Glass Towers @ Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (19/06/13)

DS Featured Imagetoy

by Chris Familton Glass Towers have been fine tuning their brisk indie guitar tales of young love, lost and won for a couple of years and they played an almost seamless set of cascading guitar melodies and energetic enthusiasm, particularly singer/guitarist Ben Hannam who manages to combine the sound of Robert Smith, Morrissey, Alex Kapranos […]

LIVE REVIEW: Dappled Cities @ The Hi-Fi, Sydney (20/06/13)

DS Featured Imagedappled

by Sarah Norman Contrary to what was stated on their Facebook page, Dappled Cities’ co-lead singer and guitarist Dave Rennick was not, in point of fact, there to kiss the first 400 guests through the door. I know this for certain, as having seen this, I made damned sure that I was in the first […]

LIVE REVIEW: Killing Joke @ Metro Theatre, Sydney (08/06/13)

DS Featured Imagekj

by Chris Familton Support acts can sometimes be a lottery. Will they be selected based on a musical similarity to the headliner or a subtle genre variation still with some stylistic connection to them? Will they be a band riding a current radio playlist/bloggers wave or a historical antecedent, forebears of the headliners who are […]

LIVE REVIEW: Bobby Womack @ The Civic Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand (18/05/13)

DS Featured Imagewomack2

words by Charles Hemmingson / photo courtesy of Veronica McLaughlin (13th Floor)   Soul is when you take a song and make it a part of you — a part that’s so true, so real, people think it must have happened to you. … It’s like electricity — we don’t really know what it is, do […]


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